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We finally moved a tall dresser in front of it and that seemed to take care of it.Reports from later residents told us that they had placed a mirror over it, and they had a rocker in the room.Some have said she has been spotted walking the cemetery very restless as if she doesn't realize she has passed on. west towards Sand Creek, you will come to a gravel road leading north.A mile or so up this road you will come to narrow one lane trestle bridge. Legend has it that at one time there was a farm house built near the tracks. While the father ran to the barn to try to get the horses out, his wife and young son went to the tracks to wave down one of the many trains that would use that right of way.One night during a party, with several witnesses, the rocker began rocking on its own, then flew back and smashed the mirror.Have had no contact with the school since graduation, so don't know if these things still happen or not.

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This place has also been described as a good place to go to contact other spirits. He will not allow antagonistic spirits to talk however; once again to protect his family.She is said to dress in a long white gown which authorities say dates her to the turn of the 20th century.Usually she is seen alone, but sometimes witnesses report seeing a ghostly death scene re-enacted...Please feel free to suggest books that might be critical omissions.Sometimes you can see a misty blue figure floating within a 3-mile radius of the Ada Cemetery on 2 Mile between Egypt Valley and Honey Creek.

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