Awesome games for girls abour dating

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Help her choose the most beautiful clothes and dress her up.Lately, it seems that if one is into watching anime, one would also be expected to at least know about (or perhaps play a bit of) games.Playing it is almost like watching a coming-of-age movie, but with a female lead, and it would definitely resonate with your heart as a fellow female!

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One of the most fun things in getting into the .hack// franchise is finding the red thread between each title released.

U., the virus AIDA, and the secrets of The World: R2 itself.

And when the player finishes the game, you’d be given choices to marry off Haseo with the female characters—and one peculiar male character that would set the fujoshi giggling—in game.

The Atelier series are designed for female audience—you take the role of the female protagonist for once instead of the male protagonist, and you are not the damsel in distress.

Instead, the heroine is the smart alchemist that solves people’s problems with her alchemy, and still looks absolutely cute doing so.

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