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Jennifer "Jenny" Connor (née Bradley, formerly Midgeley) was Rita Fairclough's foster daughter and the daughter of Alan Bradley.

Jenny came to live with Rita in 1986, just after her mother Pat died in a road accident.

Eventually she wore him down and they started dating.

In December, Martin borrowed Rita's car to take Jenny to a talent contest in Rochdale, at which she won first prize.

By now, Alan and Rita were dating, reinforcing the mother-daughter relationship which Jenny and Rita shared.Alan had left Pat and Jenny eight years earlier but he was traced and re-entered her life.Jenny lived most of her teenage years in Coronation Street under Alan and Rita's watchful eyes, giving them no end of trouble with her wayward behaviour.This suited Alan, who found family life suffocating, but was a major factor in Alan and Pat's separation and subsequent divorce in 1978.Alan walked out of Jenny's life and didn't see his daughter again until circumstances forced them together in 1986.

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