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Historians attribute the prominence of the Guarani language in the national culture to extensive interbreeding between Spanish men and Guarani women from the earliest colonial times. The most powerful symbols of the national culture are the Guarani language and imagery derived from Paraguay's national history, especially its wars.More than a means of communication, Guarani is a powerful marker of national identity that can be used to assert unity among Paraguayans of disparate social classes and political persuasions, especially in contrast to foreigners.The growth rate has declined slightly from the period preceding 1975.The population is relatively young; 40 percent is under age 15, and only 5 percent is sixty or older.Rainfall occurs throughout the year but is usually heaviest between October and April; annual variations can be extreme.

Religion, residence, and community affiliation—not language—are the cultural markers of indigenous identity.

Related images of Paraguay's indigenous heritage that also symbolize the national culture include traditional harp music, certain foods, and crafts.

The national territory and sovereignty and the great sacrifices Paraguayans made historically to defend that territory and sovereignty figure prominently in the national imagery and tradition.

Approximately 95 percent of the population is mestizo.

The population has more than tripled since 1950 and is growing 2.5 percent annually, with a total fertility rate of 3.8 children per woman.

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