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Thankfully, the smell fades over the next five minutes and I proffer a cheek to my spouse, Sam, for his opinion.

He admits 'there's something of the sea' about me, however, he says it's not offensive. On the fifth day my chin begins to flake and I wonder if this is due to the vitamin A in cod liver oil.

Nicolas estimates it's taken four to five years off my face.

Ready to begin, I head to my local health food shop and spend £7.45 on 90 high-potency 1,000mg cod liver oil capsules.

As he comes in for a kiss one evening, he grimaces then says: 'Definitely fishy.' The scent of cod liver oil is not an aphrodisiac. On the left side of my face, the texture of my skin, which was always good, hasn't changed, but my uneven skin tone has improved dramatically, taking me from being on the 45th percentile among my peers to the 69th (in these skin tests, high numbers are good).

There is a slightly increased redness around my nose, but the lines around my eyes have reduced, with most lines appearing less intense or having disappeared altogether.

While some days I think my skin looks great, on others I think it looks terrible - with increased redness and enlarged pores and even a small pimple next to my nose.

I hardly ever get spots, so it's a very unwelcome visitor.

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