Love dating sim 2 guide

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He soon developed romantic feelings for her and pined for her for the next ten years without voicing affections.

Simon was also the bassist of the band he had formed with his friends in their sophomore year: Eric, Matt, Kirk, and, later, Jordan.

Simon had long been planning to tell Clary how he felt for her but never quite found the right moment.

One night, at the Pandemonium Club, things turned for the worse when Clary claimed to see people he couldn't; one of them being particularly interested in Clary.

The next morning, after Clary and Jace met with the Silent Brothers, the gang met for breakfast at Taki's, including Simon who had shown up at the Institute.

After this, Simon and Isabelle went to Central Park to see the faerie circles.

To help him regain these memories, Simon Ascended and became a Shadowhunter himself.

When he was six, he met Clary Fray and the pair became inseparable best friends.

Over dinner Simon also met Hodge Starkweather and Alec Lightwood.

After meeting the others, Simon got his first taste of the Downworld at a party thrown by Magnus Bane which they attended seeking answers for Clary.

After drinking a blue drink, while with Isabelle, Simon turned into a rat and was taken by a vampire, thinking he was one of theirs.

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