Safe and predictable dynamic software updating

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Recent developments in hardware, cloud and software technologies gave birth to the era of Big Data.The possibility of collecting, processing and making sense of large amounts of data are transforming industry, and bringing unprecedented change.Len Bass is an award-winning author who has lectured widely around the world. His new book on Dev Ops is, in the words of an Amazon reviewer, “the first Dev Ops book that shows a realistic and achievable view of the full implementation of Dev Ops.” He has over 50 years’ experience in software development, 25 of those at the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon.

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In 2009, Facebook stored 15 billion photos, occupying 1.5 petabytes (PBs) and at that time growing at a rate of 30 million photos per day.Over her academic career she held joint industry projects with NASA, HP, IBM and Microsoft. Breitman served as vice president and chief scientist, she lead a team of data scientist researchers, oversaw a Solutions team, and the Executive Briefing Center.During her tenure at the lab she oversaw the filing of over 50 invention disclosures at the US Patent Office, of which she is a lead inventor in 11.She is a Director at the France Brazil Chamber of Commerce.It seems difficult to believe that Web sites such as (debuted in November 2005) and (public access in 2006) have been around for barely a decade.

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