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In a remote situation, everything is shared via written communication. Hire people who are ok without a social workplace It'll be important to try to create some social aspects with a remote team.

Communication is one of the most important parts of remote team. But the truth of the matter is that remote workplaces are usually less social than co-located ones. And the best remote workers will thrive in this type of environment.

And since we were already a distributed team it made sense to keep moving that way since we could hire people we knew were awesome, but just didn't live in the places we lived.

Over the course of 41 months, we've learned a few things about building and managing a remote team.

If you continually find yourself worrying what someone is doing, then you are spending brain cycles focusing on something other than the product. As a manager, you need to learn to manage by expectations rather than by "butts in seat," so make sure you can show trust in those you hire. Hire people who can write In a co-located office, a lot of information is shared in-person.

Hire Doers Doers will get stuff done even if they are in Timbuktu.

You don't have to give doers tasks to know that something will get done.

We've found there are three important ingredients to making remote work, well, work: Team, Tools, and Process.

By far the most important of the ingredients is the team. Not everyone can manage a remote environment (though I suspect with a bit of time and learning that a lot of managers could figure out how to make it work).

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