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Uzma: U take my book n keep rbbing your hands on my things Hotplayboybd: hmm Uzma: Its 32b Hotplayboybd: m also touching your back Hotplayboybd: hmm a 18 year girl should have 34 baby Uzma: My boobs don't grow :(Hotplayboybd: hmm Hotplayboybd: i could help you out Hotplayboybd: let me check Hotplayboybd: saying this i am starting unbutton your bra Uzma: I chuckle Hotplayboybd: i smell your bra Hotplayboybd: you smell good Uzma Uzma: Its a new perfume Hotplayboybd: i love your body smell Uzma: You wanna smell me more Hotplayboybd: sure Uzma: I come n give u a hug n starrt to unbutton ure shirt Hotplayboybd: i hope to enjoy your body smell Hotplayboybd: u also rubbing my cock ovr the pants Uzma: Sir ure erections have started :p Hotplayboybd: yeah Hotplayboybd: its so big.

8 inch Uzma: i open ure belt Uzma: N remove ure pants Hotplayboybd: i m removing your skirt and kissing you Hotplayboybd: also rubbing your boobs Hotplayboybd: u gave a moan.

its musky smell also arouse me Uzma: Pls dont go there it wick hurrt Uzma: I cry Hotplayboybd: i push a finger into it.

its so tight Uzma: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hotplayboybd: i dnt care.

Uzma: Im wearing a skirt n a tight white shirt, u can see my shocking pink bra Uzma: Knock knock Hotplayboybd: hmm Hotplayboybd: yes come! plz come Uzma: I open my top two buttons coz its hot Hotplayboybd: hmm Hotplayboybd: i am staring there Hotplayboybd: Uzma Hotplayboybd: you look gorggeous.

Uzma: A lot Uzma: Take it Eeeeee Uzma: Deeeper Hotplayboybd: now i sat on the sofa.You don't have to become a "member" or "register" or "sign in" to get access to the conversations, lesson plans and worksheets on this site !One student sits at a desk, at the front of the classroom, with lots of make-up stuff spread out in front of him. Uzma: Student Uzma: So role play now Hotplayboybd: are a college student and i m your teacher Uzma: Im ure student, i come to u for an extra class in ure room n we do it Hotplayboybd: u had a poor grade Hotplayboybd: tell me whts your college dress?

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