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The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) factsheet on retention of HR records, setting out requirements under data protection and other legislation (health and safety, anti-terrorism, electronic communications and more), was updated most recently in July 2015. Annual changes to the statutory maximum "weekly pay" for calculating certain statutory entitlements, including statutory redundancy pay and basic compensation for unfair dismissal, take effect on 6 April each year in England, Wales and Scotland. The maximum weekly pay for calculating statutory redundancy pay for redundancies taking effect on or after , and other payments based on this figure, is £489 (increased from £479).

This includes free legal advice on a wide range of legal issues; an online service providing initial advice in response to general legal queries; a small number of legal advice clinics; and factsheets and videos on a range of topics. Factsheets on employment, equality and safeguarding, as well as a series of factsheets specifically for new employers, can be accessed via Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales, with support from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), has guidance to help employers develop a domestic abuse policy, facilitate conversations about domestic abuse and put in place low cost, common sense practical support for employees.The guidance can be accessed via problem is that there are many different types of arrangement, and the only thing they may have in common is that the individual has no contractually guaranteed hours.But in the media and therefore in the public mind, all zero-hours contracts are usually lumped together.

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