Webcam free ps3 cam

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I’m a complete klutz.) There are various reasons you might want to use infrared light only.You might be doing tracking on top of a projection, as on many multitouch tables.In this case, blocking visible light will eliminate the image of the projection (digital projectors don’t emit much IR-spectrum light), while infrared light can still provide tracking information.

You can’t use the built-in lens with the case, so you will need the mount and some lenses, too.

Different focal lengths make installations and interactive tables more practical.

But my favorite creation of Nolan’s is his custom-designed case.

I’ll go into the most detail on Linux because, while there are a few steps involved, I’ve actually found it to be the best-performing.

(In other words, don’t assume just because that section is the longest means that it’s the biggest pain!

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