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Alas, Allegra's family were not so forthcoming in blessing the exotic union, and have made it clear that their new soninlaw is an unwelcome addition to their venerable aristocratic clan.

Perhaps disconcerted by Allegra's avowal that she is happy to welcome a second wife into her home if her 23-yearold husband so wishes - noting that 'the Prophet said it was OK to marry up to four women' - the Mostyn-Owens are anything but happy.

Alas, hope was not enough, and the marriage did not last.

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Allegra's father worked at Christie's auction house, and the family maintained a London residence where they regularly entertained visiting dignitaries.

But in order to understand quite how strange the union between Allegra and her second husband is, perhaps we had better go back to the beginning.

Born in 1964, Allegra is the only daughter of acclaimed Italian writer Gaia Servadio and wealthy upper-class landowner and art historian William Mostyn-Owen.

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